A while back I posted saying that I ordered an indie horror film called Lord Of Tears after coming across several cleverly marketing techniques (such as hidden camera pranks involving the films antagonist Molech AKA The Owlman). Anyway, I recently got around to watching the film and thought I would talk about my thoughts. 

Firstly the way in which the DVD arrived was very thought filled, arriving in black rice paper with a single feather sitting on top of it. The artwork of the DVD case itself is equally awesome.

As for the film itself, I loved it. The use of abstract imagery within dream/nightmare sequences was a major highlight for me, rapidly jumping between many disturbing images. Not only were the dream sequences effective in being blissfully disturbing but were also used in great effect to foreshadow later parts of the films story. The juxtaposition between the dark gothic atmosphere and the beautiful Scottish scenery is a great touch to the film. The story was very well thought out, filled with plenty twists and turns to keep me very entertained. Without giving too much away, the reveal of the main plot twist left me with goosebumps all over. The fact that all of this was achieved in an indie film left me great impressed. Seeing several areas of my home area of Fife in the film was a fun bonus!
The soundtrack to the film was breathtaking start to finish, from eerie atmospherics, to beautiful compositions, so having a bonus CD of the soundtrack was the icing on the cake! 

I loved Lord of Tears altogether and can’t wait to see more from Lawrie Brewster’s work!


Lord of Tears


Lord of Tears



Simply one of the most fascinating, effective, cerebral, and disquieting horror films I’ve ever seen.  Don’t believe the trailers as they are, while effective, untruthful of the finished product.  A startling break-out success from first-time feature director Lawrie Brewster.  Contemplative and sumptuously shot with fantastic acting from Alexandra Hume as Eve and Euan Douglas as James.  David Schofield’s operatic theatricality in his delivery of the Owlman’s dialogue slithers into your ears with fouled slime.  While it may be slightly overlong in parts and the ending does make the mistake of cribbing somewhat liberally from Asian horror tropes this is still a chilling, original idea executed wonderfully. (5/5)

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Album Art

Sleep, my little darling,
and your wishes will come true
Sleep, my little baby
I will watch over you
Dream away the darkness, darling
dream away the fears
And when you wake, my sweetness,
you know I’ll be waiting here for you

And when the nightmare shakes you,
I will wake you from your dream
It seems so real

Wake up, I won’t let him take you
Wake up, I won’t let them break you
Oh, sleep, my darling

TitleSleep, My Darling
AlbumLord of Tears - Official Soundtrack

Haha! Nice :)

TitleGO AWAY! (short remix)


Got my order from Hexmedia today. :3

The “Lord Of Tears” Blu-ray box and a shirt. *happy*

Thanks for ordering and for recording your unpacking experience so wonderfully :)